Most wardrobe stylists and costume designers don’t need Computer Animation courses to make a professional mark. This is what sets the majority apart from Tiffany Hasbourne. The Queens, NY native first honed her natural vision and comprehension for design at the Art Institute of Atlanta. She then alchemized those strengths into a platinum career built on accentuating your favorite celebs and television shows. 

Receiving her initial break styling Angie Martinez for the radio legend’s music artist debut, Hasbourne, through self-determination and hustle, went on to create unforgettable aesthetic for music superstars such as Missy Elliott, 50 Cent and French Montana. A laser focus to detail and dimension allows the visionary to provide customized one-of-one looks for some of the world’s most colorful characters. From reeling in Busta Rhymes’ eccentricity for Chris Brown’s classic “Look At Me Now” video to transporting Nas into the Last Supper for the Street’s Disciple album cover, this veteran doesn’t simply create looks, she makes history. 

Television was a most natural transition for Miss Hasbourne. Networks clamored for her Midas touch. The Disney Channel hired her to style the casts for their highest rated TV movies, High School Musical, Teen Beach Movie and its sequel. Opportunities like the aforementioned lead to her working with Miley Cyrus as well as once again styling the  entire High School Musical cast for its Billboard Album of the Year press run. 

The gatekeepers quickly took notice. renown costume designer Tom Broecker, offered Hasbourne a position in Saturday Night Live’s legendary film unit. He also, after working on the pilot for HBO’s Ballers, referred Hasbourne to Ballers’ Costume Designer Marian Toy, who in turn made her his Assistant Costume Designer. A promotion to Co-Designer came the succeeding season. When Ballers production relocated from Miami, it was the style maven’s gift for color manipulation that helped preserve the show’s South Beach appearance. The USA network’s Shooter followed, granting her sole autonomy and title over the action thriller. Then FX Atlanta called, enlisting her to Costume Design the multi-award-winner’s second season. 

Although Hasbourne is currently the “it” designer of millennial TV, her personal touch is still in high demand. When Lena Waithe became the first black woman to receive an Emmy for comedic writing, she had @Tiffthestylist to thank for her velvety vino look. Spice Adams, who will co-host Season 3 of The Great American Baking Show with Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha, will attribute his fashion fly to Tiff as well. 

In nearly two decades, this visualizer has accrued a vast network, that now includes her mentor Stephen Levinson (Creator of Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, etc). Levinson’s tutelage has helped her connect creative dots as a Wardrobe Stylist––from escorting pop culture favored brands like Fenty, The Webster and Beats to the small screen to helping writing rooms bring scripts to life. Her diverse experience as both an accomplished stylist and costume designer has Tiff primed to, once again, climb her career to a higher level. 
Her number one professional aspiration is to one day become a producer of film, television and theater.